One of the best town in Italy” and “Orange Flag

Locorotondo is a town located on top of the Itria Valley and it has a circular shape that gives the name to the town, from the Latin “Locus Rotundus”. The unmistakable charme of Locorotondo’s Old Town is represented by its dedalus of white alleys and by the “Cummerse”, uncommon pointed roofs, which follow one another, along the little streets of the village and which are decorated by many kinds of flowers, like real works of art. This town dates back to the 1000 A.C. and preserves inside it, wonderful examples of Baroque and Romanesque art, it boasts a unique pedestrian walkway on the Valley (Panoramic viewpoint) that offers a breath-taking scenery.

To be seen

  • Discover the Old Town, passing through Vittorio Emanuele II Square, to the Municipal Garden.
  • Visit S. Giorgio Cathedral,( where Baroque and Neoclassical art mix up); Morelli Palace and its Clock Tower, the Church of Madonna della Greca (the most ancient church in town); the Church of S. Rocco ( the Patron Saint) and the Church of S. Nicola, with its cycle of wall paintings, which reproduce episodes of the life of the Saint and some of its miracles.
  • Travel the Panoramic viewpoint or “Seafront”( so called by the inhabitants of Locorotondo because of the thick fog that there is at dawn and which reminds an expanse of water) going down to S. Anna Historic Complex, which includes “Perle di Memoria” Museum.
  • “Perle di Memoria” Museum

Main envents

  • Locus Festival: Locus Festival, which takes place in Locorotondo, from 2005, distinguishes itself in the Italian scenery, because it creates a perfect balance between quality and notoriety of its proposals, positioning itself among the most forefront Festivals of Italy. During this event, big concerts are flanked by initiatives for the promotion of the eno- gastronomic tradition, literary and musical meetings and actions to contain environmental impact.
  • Viva Festival: Viva Festival was born in 2017 and is dedicated to electronic and international forefront music. The main stage of this festival is the Itria Valley Arena, with the skyline of Locorotondo as background.
  • S. Rocco Patron Celebration: S. Rocco Patronal Celebration takes place on August 16th and it is characterized by the fireworks Festival, during which fireworks sellers face, before thousands of astonished tourists. During the days of the celebration, a fascinating tradition is the one called in the local dialect, “Diene”,where marching bands pass through all the town,playing a sweet and mournful melody, quite similar to a lullaby.
UNMISSABLE: ‘Cialledde’, poor farm dish with stale, drowned in water with olive oil, salt, tomatoes and oregano. “Gnumeredde suffuchete, tripe and adult lamb offals,tied with bowels and parsely, as a ball of wool.
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