Becoming a Host, renting has never been easier!

If you want to find out how to rent your apartment for a short period, we can help you start your business, or manage it for you. The advantages we offer you are a qualified experience of a network of experts, ready to answer  every your request carefully and professionally. Come and visit us, or write to us!
What we offer is a professional and careful service for those who cannot do it by themselves, or for those who do not have the time to do it.

1. Meet the team
Call us to make an appointment.
Our TEAM will make a survey.
After the survey, we will prepare a proposal with a prospect of earning and all the necessary actions to become a HOST.
2. Evaluation and preparation for the launch
After accepting our proposal, we will prepare sheets containing all the necessary steps to be ready to HOST.
Our TEAM will assist you during this thorny phase, giving you some advice on how to proceed.
As soon, as your apartment is ready to host, we will provide the START-UP: shooting, text (ITA-ENG), inclusion in rental channels.
3. Start to rent
We will manage the reservation requests and the potential demands of the guests.
We will adopt a REVENUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, the prices will change according to the reservations received.
If you choose the ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE, we will: - take care of the reception of the guests; - give them useful information and maps; - make ourselves completely available for all their holiday; - do the check-out and check the apartment. We will take care of cleaning.
4. Earn
The amount of the stay will be deposited directly on your bank account, we will give you our invoice every month, with our commissions and the potential services chosen.
We will assign you an operator, who will always be available for any information you need.
Together with the invoice, a document with all the reservation details will be released.

How much?

Basic Package

inclusion in the major rental channels

booking management

payment management


10% per reservation

Full Package


State Police communication


availability during the stay

Cleaning and linen management

check-out and inspection

includes the Basic Package services


30% per reservation

Check-in & Check-out

€ 100,00 + VAT


Cost based on the structure and services requested

Start-up Package

On-Demand services


According to the services chosen

Our mission

The short rentals market has increased, in the last few years, in a staggering way. Nowadays everybody rents.

But How do they rent? What we offer is a professional and careful service for those who cannot do it by themselves, or for those who do not have the time to do it.The Tourist nowadays does not like going in vacation and feeling himself as a tourist anymore, but he wants to live an original experience, he wants to be absorbed in a place and breathing its scent, he wants to feel himself less “stranger” and more “at home”! Living A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. This concerns above all, but not only, the accommodation facilities.Nowadays the tourist market is looking  for a house, a villa, an apartment and no longer a room.

Our team will help you to convert your second house in your new business, in an easy and professional way! We will manage all the activities related to the short rent: we will organize all the details for the arrival of your guests;we will welcome them in the way as comfortable as possible;we will keep your house impeccably;we will assure support every moment. All this because we like  putting your peace first!

If your house earns, we earn, too. No surprise.
We have an interest totally in agreement with you and we aim at the success of your house, too.

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