The Valley of Trulli

The “Itria” Valley is located in the hinterland of the Murgia* and draw its name from the worship of the Virgin of the Odegidtria which was introduced in South Italy by Basilian Monks in the year 1000. The Itria Valley is known worldwide as the “Valley of Trulli'' and is a little Heaven corner, scattered by olive trees and dry-stone walls that is one of the most suggestive local architectural techniques.


Trulli are typical houses, with a conic shape and made of calcareous stone. They dated back to the prehistoric era and they are part of the local and universal heritage. The Itria Valley is characterized by many vineyards that produced excellent wines, such as the “White of Locorotondo”, “Verdeca” and “Martina Franca DOC**” which can be tasted in the cellar, or in one of the local restaurants. The magic that surrounds the Itria Valley and its many resources make it an exclusive and very requested place that is able to put together the mysticism of the past with the modernity, thanks to the numerous events, organized throughout the year. The Itria Valley, preserves and valorizes its traditions linked to myths, symbols and legends, through festivals, parties and folkloric fairies.

*Murgia is one of the territories, in which Apulia is divided (NdT)
**DOC is the Italian acronym which establishes and guarantees the provenience and quality of Italian wine. (NdT)

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